About Us

In an ever-changing business landscape, negotiations are becoming more and more a major challenge for business executives. They have to deal with performance challenges, unrealized expectations, and misunderstandings before finding common ground. Still, outsourcing remains a major part of the modern-day organization. The big question is how do you negotiate a contract to get the best deal? Answer: Contract a professional commercial negotiator.

Who We Are

BCNA is your company of choice when it comes to business negotiation and consultancy. We understand the challenges of commercial negotiations and the kind of details to look for in a contract. Specializing in business negotiation, our company has played an instrumental role in increasing the profitability and market value of companies in Greece and beyond. We pride ourselves in a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professional negotiators who clearly understand the complexities and intricacies of business negotiations and are always ready to help you achieve your negotiation goals.

Why Choose Us

Our deep understanding of the dangers of poor negotiations and inadequate contract management practices has led us to develop a structured, disciplined and analytical negotiation approach that ensures our clients are happy. Our team of negotiators is passionate about commercial negotiations. When contracted, we provide solutions with a focus on quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

Our strengths include

  • Unique expertise acquired through the successful resolution of the most difficult negotiations
  • A number of leading experts that combine formal negotiation training with multi-year practical experience
  • Developing strategies and tactics that take into account the specificities of your case in mind
  • A wide range of know-how in multiple industries

Would you like to start a project with us?

BCNA offers solutions tailored to our client’s specific set of circumstances that address their business needs and are compatible with their culture.