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Before entering into any contract, you want to make sure that you got the best deal there is. To achieve this end, you need not only to plan meticulously and identify the motives, interests, and alternatives of both sides but also you must craft a strategy that will provide a clear roadmap on how you will achieve your goals. 

However, commercial negotiations are difficult and require considerable experience along with a thorough understanding of the negotiation process.

This is where we come in.

BCNA is a company that specializes in business negotiations and consultancy.

We provide business negotiation consulting for various settings. Our key to success is working closely with you to achieve the most satisfactory contract negotiations. We aim at navigating the fine line between acceptable and satisfactory contracts.

With a focus on the Greek Market, BCNA contributes to the profitability of companies by providing clarity and stability at crucial moments to help them achieve their goals in commercial negotiations.

We have a professional team of strategic negotiation experts who help our clients navigate the challenges of negotiations. Not only do we assess the proposed terms and conditions of a contract, but also compare it to others in the market to ensure a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

We also train our clients on writing winning contracts and conducting negotiations for both one-off engagements and full strategic sourcing initiatives.

BCNA provides negotiation services in the following areas:

Our Business Negotiation Services include:

All our negotiation solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. Since commercial negotiations are complicated, we ensure that every solution is provided in the manner that the client wants.

Our goal is to help your company stay competitive, win new markets, and increase your shareholders’ value.

  •  Investigating internal and external relationships to design a negotiation process tailored to your situation
  •  Preparing all decision makers involved and designing a negotiation strategy that is suitable for a particular negotiation
  • A thorough review of the terms and conditions of a contract
  • An analysis of conditions, pricing items, and service terms
  • A comparison of a contract with others in the marketplace
  •  Proposed resolutions to any disagreements about the terms and conditions
  • Finding a satisfactory meeting point for both parties involved

Testimonial Cases

Real Estate

Our overseas client wanted to buy a commercial building in Athens with very specific characteristics.

With no knowledge of the Greek real estate market, she was looking for a knowledgeable and reliable partner that could guide her through the entire process from the identification of the property through the final sale and the completion of the necessary.

Financial Agreements

Our client, a rapidly growing firm in the FMCG sector wished to expand its operations in a neighboring country. The major challenge they were facing was identifying credible partners and negotiating with them the best terms possible.

We mapped out the business and legal landscape of the country in question and helped them crystallize their expansion strategy by unearthing and recording the goals their negotiations with possible partners should serve.

We devised a negotiation strategy that took into account our client’s financial status and future plans for the region, and were able to close multiple agreements that sparked an 84% revenue growth in the first two years of the subsidiary’s operation.



A major shareholder in a private manufacturing company wanted to retire and sell his share to any of the remaining three partners.

Negotiating the total price of his stake at the company was causing him discomfort since his relationship with the rest of the partners was going back more than 30 years. He believed that claiming what he thought his percentage was worth would force him to become confrontational and alienate his partners. On the other hand, even though he valued the relationship, he wanted to make sure he was compensated fairly.

We came to his aid. We first analyzed the company, its financial data and future prospects and compared it to the rest of the industry. Then we analyzed the interests, motives, alternatives, and bargaining power of all parties as well as any pressure that might hinder each one of them. Taking all these parameters into account, we were able to propose a valuation that addressed the interests of all sides.

To avoid a deadlock resulting from divergent valuations we structured and proposed a contingent agreement, which was finally accepted, that would pay our client 70% percent of his shares at an agreed price, while the remainder 30% would be paid after a year, at which points a premium would be added if certain quantitative targets were achieved.

Commercial Deals

Our client was locked into a long-term contract for the provision of software upgrades and technical support for a large IT company. The existing agreement had been poorly negotiated, resulting in a steady decline in profitability to the point where the agreement was no longer sustainable. Their counterpart, even though admitted the agreement had become lopsided, was demanding full compliance to the terms of the contract as it stood.
We came in to help them find an amicable, mutually beneficial solution. We assessed our client’s bargaining position, alternatives and objectives, evaluated existing relationship dynamics and addressed their counterpart’s primary concerns -which transcended purely financial issues. We also identified crucial stakeholders on both companies, gauged their influence and level of involvement, and proposed steps that would produce a satisfactory outcome for both parties. We helped our client reformulate their value proposition by showing them how to redefine, articulate and quantify a new proposed agreement. We emphasized the benefits of the new deal to both parties as well as the consequences of no agreement. Hence, we finally managed not only to strike, on their behalf, an agreement of greater monetary value than their existing arrangement but also to circumvent the possibility that the other party would select an alternative source for our client’s service.

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